Private Forest Sauna Reservation

1 hr | C$90

Reserve a private sauna session for yourself or a with a group of friends. We will light the sauna, turn on the outdoor shower (seasonally), set up the space with essential oils and a pitcher of lemon water too.

You will arrive and walk the softly lit forest path for a quiet sauna experience that offers peace, energy and a refreshed spirit.

Elevated Sauna Experience

Add to your sauna experience with Tidal Salt! Book a private sauna session in our Finnish wood burning sauna and add to the experience with curated snacks brought to you by the chef of Tidal Salt: a local, artisanal salt harvesting, family-run business in Antigonish. Book a date night or girls night out, or a hike and sauna at FireLoch and add on light charcuterie, dips and chips, or chocolate dipped strawberries to enjoy together on the deck.

3 packages available | $22-45 for two